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The Rose Gold Layered Limited Edition Churchill Coin - Uniquely Numbered

"The present war has revised all military theories about the field of fire … The question to be solved … is the actual getting across of 100 or 200 yards of open space and wire entanglements"
Winston Churchill (5th January, 1915)

Although Churchill's finest hour was in leading our nation through the Second World War, he had a career during the First World War serving as First Lord of the Admiralty until 1915, and later on the Western Front until 1916.

To honour this great statesman’s courageous leadership, a new commemorative coin has been issued. And you may own it for just £9.95, a £20.00 saving on the normal price.

One limited edition Churchill coin layered in Rose Gold is reserved for:

NOTE: The Churchill coin is individually numbered -

ensuring that each and every coin is unique